Clustering and HTTP Binding

Hi everyone,

With all this issue of the “deprecation” of the Enterprise edition of Openfire, I’m wondering how the clustering will be done in the future.

It seems that:

  • Enterprise edition is not longer on available (at least to buy it)

  • The Clustering plugin is not open sourced nor it can’t be bought either.

So, no more “clustering” is available.

Even if it is somehow available, for what have read and heard, the clustering is for the XMPP connections. How about the HTTP Binding connections?

Does any one has experience on these issues?

Thanks in advance



Hey Jordi,

The clustering support in Openfire is agnostic of HTTP or XMPP standard port connections. Once there is a connection made to the server a session is created and that is what is kept by the clustering solution. Just to be clear, the open source version of Openfire is what we can say cluster ready but it does not provide a clustering implementation. Jive used to offer a clustering implementation based on Oracle Coherence but unfortunately we are not offering it anymore. However, it is possible to create other clustering implementations and hook them up to Openfire. I said it a few times before, there were some community members willing to implement it and I was ok with giving any assistance or guidance.


– Gato