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Clustering and Transparency

Hi, I had some questions about the upcoming enterprise release:

Will there be a clustered connection manager included with this? For

example, if we’re connected to aol (aim-xmpp) which is a statefull

connection, with Openfire Cluster, will the connection be maintained by

the connection managers?

Another question in a similar vein. If we’re using a hardware layer7

load balancer to maintain connections for aim-xmpp and the connection

manager is clustered, if it fails and another connection manager

instance takes over will it be able to take over the already open


If we have a cluster of tomcats that would like to speak to an instance of openfire or even the new cluster, what does openfire do about session affinity? Is it totally transparent in that any user can access the openfire server through any tomcat instance and speak to the openfire server, or once a user signs onto a tomcat server, must they always go through that tomcat server to get to the openfire layer? Maybe there is something in the smack api/openfire server that would allow us to

access a session from multiple locations over multiple TCP connections.