Clustering plug-in licence

Is there Any way to get clustering plugin evaluation licence. From where I can get this.


you may want to contact


Sales department wrote me " Jive Software is no longer selling Openfire

Enterprise, and subsequently we are no longer allowing prospective clients to

evaluate the clustering feature."

From How to enable clustering in Openfire Enterprise:

"If you don’t have an enterprise license and would like to try the clustering feature you can get an evaluation license for 30 days.

Follow these steps to install Openfire Enterprise with clustering:

  1. Identify the machines where you are going to install the server. Any machine with at least 512MB of RAM is fine. Of course you need to have more than one machine to have a cluster running.

  2. Download Openfire from here

  3. Run the installer to install Openfire in each of the machines. Follow the installation guide for more help.

  4. Start the server and complete the setup wizard in each machine. Make sure to use the same XMPP domain, an external database and that all servers are using the same database.

  5. Download the Openfire Enterprise plugin from here

  6. Log into the admin console and go to the Plugins page. Upload the enterprise.jar file from that page. Run this step for each machine.

  7. Go to the Enterprise tab to enter a valid license for Openfire Enterprise."

Main issue is How can I get Licence.

Call Jive sales and insist they give you one. You must have gotten that information from a new salesperson who didn’t understand the current clustering situation.

I send mail to Is there is another source to contact Sales department.

Um, I suggest being a little more resourceful. In the top-right corner of the site it says: “Sales: 1-877-495-3700”

I’m in the same boat. Unfortuantely this path did not work for me.

Have you managed to get clustering to work yet?