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Clustering SMACK xmppconnection

Hi all,

I am running a cluster under Jboss 5.1 that runs Seam 2.2 Application Framework. I am using smack as an XMPP library 3.1 beta.

I have the following issue. I am trying to run smack library in a clustered envirnoment simply through saving the XMPPconnection instance in the distributed cache namely Jboss Cache 2.x.

The first problem was that all smack library is not serializable. I modified the source to make all classes serializable.

The other problem i encounter is serialization error in the weakhashmap variable interceptors at line 86 in ChatManager class.

After some build and fixes i changed it to HashMap instead of WeakHashMap. However, now i am getting error in ExecutorService not serializable.

I realize that the issue is not just serialization of objects as it seems the XMPPConnection class is to designed in teh first place to be serializable and that it is to big to be held as a session variable.

My question is there someway that i can use smack in a clustered envirnoment such that it would be fail proof.