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Clustering status as of Openfire 3.5.1

I’d like to find out some definitive information from jadestorm or dombiak_gaston as to the availability of Clustering support in Openfire.

Would someone, preferably one of the aforementioned users or an engineer on the Openfire project, answer the following:

A. Will we ever see the code behind clustering.jar?

B. Is clustering.jar intended to be usable by new deployments of Openfire, ie. deployments that do not already have (legacy) Enterprise licenses?

C. If B is true, then how might one move forward with enabling that functionality. Please be as detailed as possible here.

D. Is Pete communicating incorrect information (see below for explanation)?

E. If D is true, who will be responsible for rectifying that situation?

I’ve gotten some conflicting information and I’d just like to have it clarified for myself and other members of the community, as I suspect that others are just as frustrated as I am.

I just spoke with Pete Davis, Client Relationship Manager with Jive, about availability of Clustering. Particularly, I was interested in an evaluation license specifically for the purpose of demonstrating Openfire’s clustering functionality at a meeting today. A meeting determining whether to move forward with purchasing and deploying Openfire clustering in the University of Pennsylvania’s Openfire instance. I told Pete that the Openfire Administrative console provides an input field for an Enterprise license which enables clustering and that I’d like to have another evaluation license for use at my meeting today (we were previously using a license that expired on May 21st; my colleagues and I were unable to meet before that expiration date). I was told by Pete to contact Oracle in regards to licensing for the clustering plugin.

Now I understand Pete’s logic here: Openfire Enterprise Clustering makes use of Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition 3.3.1, which Jive licensed for use and distribution, therefore a prospective user of said Clustering functionality should contact Oracle.

However, as I told Pete, it’s likely that Oracle will have no idea how to address this issue once contacted. Jive is the licensee of note for the use of Coherence as it pertains to Openfire. I might explain to Oracle that Jive is no longer/may no longer be selling it’s Clustering functionality, and that I’d like to purchase a Coherence license directly from them, however, I have no access to the source for clustering.jar, and cannot determine how to enable the Jive portion of the Clustering plugin if I was to acquire a license from Oracle.

I had difficulty explaining the existence of the Jive portion of the Clustering plugin to Pete. I told Pete that though Clustering is supported by Coherence, Jive still had to develop some code that actually consumes the services offered by Coherence and makes pertinent data structures available to Coherence. Pete insisted that I speak with Oracle about licensing.

I apologize if this messages seems short and snippy, but I’m slightly frustrated with this issue. It seems to me that Clustering was the most important part of the Enterprise offering and is now the part that is most thin on detail. I hope to hear from someone soon.



Hi Darian,

as far as I know Oracle does not require that you install a license file. You can download Coherence from oracle.com and use it for development of your application without any license. Anyhow you need a license to use it, but I think it’s like the Oracle database and middle ware. There no license file is required.

It may be possible that Igniterealtime did use some Jivesoftware code which can not be open sourced or at least not now.

I assume that Igniterealtime changes the Plugin so one does no longer need an Igniterealtime license. Also this may take some time.


Hi it2000,

Thanks for your response. However, I’d like to hear from someone at Jive in detailed response to my questions. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

I just had the very same experience. What did you end up doing? A license for Coherence isn’t very useful if I can’t download the actual Openfire Enterprise plugin anywhere!

The enterprise plugin and the clustering plugin are no longer available at all. They are not supported anymore.

What does this mean for us that want and deeply needs this?

there is another post in here that suggests some alternatives. its not a native built in method, but you could use something like heartbeat to handle the failover. you can then have your db on a seperate server or use something like drbd or dfs in windows, so have a shared network space for your db server, so its clustered as well.

Ok thanks. I will look into it.

But If I set up a server with a fast cpu and lots of RAM and allocate extra memory to the openfire process (as I have read in some posts here) how many clients do you think it would support? I have read people saying it goes down after 1000 users while some places I read it should take over 150.000 users…

What do you think I could expect?