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Clustering: who got it to work and how

Hi All:

I got ahold of oracle coherance 3.3.1/389 and have followed the instructions on setting up the clustering. It works to the extent that each server is in a cluster, but they do not “see” each other. I have made sure they are using the same Database, are on the same XMPP domain etc…but i am really lost as to why they are not in the cluster. Anybody have any ideas?


before I forgot…Windows 2008 are the servers, with the DB on SQL 2005


Make sure multicast is enabled on the NICs and also the switches through which the servers are connected. Another issue could be that the default multicast ip/port is already in use and you might need to change to a different ip. You can do this by changing the OpenFire startup script.

This is how we do the ip/port change in the startup script

OPENFIRE_OPTS="$OPENFIRE_OPTS -Dtangosol.coherence.clusteraddress= -Dtangosol.coherence.clusterport=9100"

I imagine it does work on Windows, but I’ve only had it working on Linux/BSDs. If we could ever get a virtual machine (Virtual Box, Xen) of a good install uploaded, you could see a good model of a working cluster. I imagine this would be useful more broadly (e.g. LDAP setups, database authentications, Fastpath plugins and so on), and would be happy to contribute a clustered system vm if we had anywhere to put it, mmm Guss, Ben S? This files are typically large, (~300MB)


did you read Clustering Openfire - Unicast?