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Just a question…

Since JM 2.2 can now be deployed as a .war file in any Application server.

Does that mean if I have a WebLogic Cluster setup can JM work in it?

I read some where someone mentioning JBoss Cache…(I am referring to only open source options…)

“One options would be to make the cache layer of Jive Messenger be pluggable. That way there could be plugins to provide a JBoss cache impl, one to provide Coherence, etc.” (Matt?)

Anyone tried this option? Or any development work done in this direction?

Appreciate some feedback.

Thank you.




Unfortunately this won’'t work at the moment. JM maintains an internal cache of users, rooms and other iterms. This internal cache does not support clustering. Also JM uses the file system to locate its initial config file. It also monitors plugins on the filesystem.

There was talk to making the cache layer pluggable, but no work has been carried out on this to date AFAIK.

Want to work on it?




And I have some guys working for me who I can spare…

But any starting point, reference we can use?