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I’m not able to get clustering to work, and don’t find much information on it…

I found that its not free, but where can i buy a license?

Is it going to be free?

How much does it cost?

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What I found was that it’s promoted in Jive Software’s Clearspace product1. Since they made OPF open source, they have no monetary interest to sell clustering licenses or provide an alternative at this time. Attempting to call Tangosol or Oracle2,3 directly to independently receive a clustering license has been fruitless. One developer pointed out that Tangosol and Oracle typically has a free to try approach that would suggest there could be some way to do it without a license*4, but OPF is designed to require a license. Maybe this could change in the future.

No one yet has come around to developing an open source version of it AFAIK yet although interest exists. There are some specifications as to how this should be done XMPP Extension5. Others have suggested a form of fail over using DNS SVR6 records, but I did not get a clear understanding of how this works, or step wise how to go about setting it up.



*1 usteringInformation.html



*4 LG: “Tangosol Coherence products that preceded Oracle Coherence Version 3.3 require a license key file for installation and use. License Key files that do not technically enforce the license restrictions and restrict use of these pre-Coherence 3.3 Tangosol versions of Coherence are provided for download below. on - not quite clear about no license files any more but it looks like this”


*6 Suggested by UID akrherz, “DNS SRV records are one way to answer part of your question, the other part depends on the client”

The readme for the plugin states:

Purchasing a License

To purchase a license for the clustering plugin, you will need to contact a sales rep at Jive Software.

This is for the new plugin for the opensource version of openfire.

Yes, I did indeed call Jive Software Sales early July timeframe. The sales agent said, in short, that OPF was open sourced thus not officially supported except by the community forms, clustering was provided by this third party plugin, and to contact Oracle/Tangosol for a license. Unless there has been some changes to the response very recently, I don’t see this path resulting in the desired outcome.

So, there is no way to get clustering to work?

We were hopping to use clustering too :s


I’m willing to help develop an open source version of this in case anyone else was interested in seriously working on such a project.