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CM Error : Server does not support account creation

This is probably a FAQ, but I have really searched an answer before asking the question myself.

I have 3.2.2 installed on SuSe Linux 10.2, it works fine.

I have run both Spark and a small test app against this host. Created users, logged in/out, Deleted etc etc

Now I installed CM 3.2.2 on a Windows XP host.

When conneting thru the CM, I cannot create a user account! Spark says “Account could not be created”, and my testapp gets an exception saying: “Server doesnt support account creation”.

Logging in to an existing account works, however!

What is wrong with my setup?



In the admin panel sidebar is an entry called “Registration & Login”, there you can activate and deactivate “Inband Account Registration”.

Maybe that is what you’'re looking for.

This option is already enabled. As I said, when I connect directly to the Wildfire host, I can create an account, it is only when I connect thru a CM that I get this error.

Also, login works both directly, and thru the CM.

Here is the debug.log from my CM (srv01.fshab.se is my wildfire server)

2007.03.09 22:12:45 CM - Trying to connect to srv01.fshab.se:5262(DNS lookup: srv01.fshab.se:5262)

2007.03.09 22:12:45 CM - Plain connection to srv01.fshab.se:5262 successful

2007.03.09 22:12:45 OS - Sent handshake to host: srv01.fshab.se id: d16b22a1

2007.03.09 22:12:45 OS - Handshake was SUCCESSFUL with host: srv01.fshab.se id: d16b22a1

2007.03.09 22:12:46 IQ stanza of type RESULT was discarded:

This is the result after trying to create an account using Spark, connected to the CM. If I connmect directly to the server, I can create the account without problem.

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Isn’'t there anyone who can help out on this?

I have now installed two wildfire server, one on SuSe Linux 10.2, and one on WIndows XP.

The behaviour is identical, when I connect with SPARK directly to the server, I can create an account, when I connect thru Connection Manager I cannot!

Loggin in, chatting etc works fine thru CM on both servers…

This MUST be a CM configuration issue… ???

Any help is appreciated!


I’‘m answering this myself. Hopefully it will help someone else in the same situation. It was mysteriously solved using the latest version of CM. I haven’'t dwelled deeper into the actual cause of the problem.