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I’‘m not sure how this feature works, or if it does at all. I’'ve yet to see it working…

Any tips or tricks on how to get this working? Or a document showing it’'s features, etc?

Thank you!

Cobrowsing works as follows:

  1. Establish a webchat session

  2. Click on the cobrowse button

  3. At the top of this pop up, click the start cobrowser session.

4 The end user will see a link that the end user must click on.

At this point the spark user can navigate to sites that the other user will follow. This however does not work with authenticated sites, as the user’'s clicks are only reflected (authentication information is not transferred).

Hope this helps!

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Ah, it seems to just not work on mac.

On which side, the client, the spark user, or both? I will troubleshoot this, and file a bug as appropriate.

On the operator side. I’'m able to accept a session as a client just fine.

What ever came of this? I just noticed the same problem.