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hello, I downloaded spark spark_2_5_0_beta_2 and I would like to add new audio codecs (like g729 or g723) to the jingle plugin, is it possible? I see a speex module, Speex.jar and jspeex-0.9.7-jfcom.jar, but not source code how it is implemented, which code should I download in order to add a new audio codec?



We use the Java Media Framework as the media and RTP layer for Spark. For Jingle calls, we always use GSM at the moment, although the next beta release will let you use G711 by setting a Java system property codec=2. We plan to allow more codec preferences in future releases, including actually using Speex. However, there’'s not a tremendous amount of codec choice available in JMF (one of the big downsides of the library). We actually proposed a summer of code project to implement g722: