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Good daypart!

I have the following question: whether I can to change the codepage on a server.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what you’'re asking. Can you provide additional details about your question?



Sorry about my english

I mean mhen i create in database user (not from web admin ) , name of user in cyrilic encoding, in my client i see “²ðèíà ß. ̳êóëüñüêà”. How correct it?

What database are you using and how are you entering the data? You need to make sure you set the character encoding to the proper value.




Yes, i`m enterring data to database. I am using MySQL. Which character encoding I need to use ISO-8859-1(5) or what?


Character Encoding Issues

MySQL does not have proper Unicode support, which makes supporting data in non-Western languages difficult. However, the MySQL JDBC driver has a workaround which can be enabled by adding true to the section of your jive_messenger.xml file. When using this setting, you should also set the Jive character encoding to utf-8 in the admin tool.


Thanks for your advice but

I can not find Jive character encoding section on admin tool. where is it? Or i`m blind


The documentation actually discusses this. See:

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/messenger/docs/latest/documentation/database. html#mysql