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Coherence editions

the readme on the clustering plugin points to the Oracle coherence webpage, but does not say which edition of coherence should be used. Is Standard Edition all that is required?

Oracle Coherence Grid Edition

Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition

Oracle Coherence Standard Edition

Coherence Real Time Client

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In order to run Oracle Coherence in production mode, you will need to secure licensing for the Enterprise Edition (EE) of Coherence. Whilie the clustered caching for Openfire is available in the Standard Edition (SE), per the Oracle Fusion licensing docs the InvocationService (which is used by Openfire to distribute tasks among the cluster members) is only available in EE or Grid Edition (GE).

Note that Coherence is configured to run GE in development mode by default. You can change this setting using the config file as described above, or you can override the following Java system properties via /etc/sysconfig/openfire (RPM) or openfired.vmoptions (Windows):



The current Coherence release is version 3.7.1.