Communication between users

Im very new to jabber and the SMACK API but i am havin a problem with Wildfire that i cannot figure out( it is probably extremely obvious to most). When any user logs in, it is fine and users are displayed as logged in but i cannot communicate between users, my domain name = so i asuume that to communicate between users i refer to each user as - Is this a correect assumption or should i refer to users differently.

Very much appreciate a response, thanks for your time…

Hi keyboard50,

I’'m a little bit confused by your post.

Which client are you using to sign in to Wildfire? When you said “users are displayed as logged in” where are you seeing these users? In the Wildfire Admin Console or on your client?



Thanks very much for your response, i finally figured it out, i was making a very clumsy mistake in my code. I was viewing the users online status through the admin console, im not using any client, well im comuunicating with the server directly through my own java app using the Smack API,

Thanks again for your response, i appreciate it…

Good to hear you got everything sorted out.