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Communication via media proxy server a problem

media proxy not working

I am using libjingle call application to do voice communication via openfire XMPP server.

I have switched on the media proxy and giving url (http://www.domain.com/) of the mchine were I have installed the openfire server.

After calling from behind NAT, it shows no sessions at the media proxy and call does not proceeds. Instead it gives a 500

error response at client’s end.

The web server where openfire is installed, also has IIS and an application gives 500 error when we go from http. Now I am

confused on actually how will the openfire server know that its a request for him. There must be some thing like SRV records

to tell the server about where to go. But read on the forum that on openfire server we don’t need any SRV records for media

proxy to work. Also i am presuming that media proxy server is the TURN server that is used in XMPP communication and is the

last resort for p2p media communication.

Also when i provide the address of google’s relay server and when there is a possibility of p2p communication without relay server, it works fine but when it comes to communication via relay server, no voice is heard on both sides and the client recieved 500 error code. And when i provice the address of my relay server/ media proxy server, no kind of communication is possible even on open network and the client receives 500 error response.

Please Help.