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Communications Manager: cannot register account

I already asked this question in Wildfire dev with no luck, but since I must solve this, I try here too.

I have a server running 3.2.2 on SuSe 10.2.

I’'m running CM 3.2.2 in another XP host

The CM is running OK, since I can login to existing accounts (with SPARK) using it

With SPARK, I can connect directly to the SuSe host and create an account

If I connect to the CM, I can not create an account!

Everything else works via CM, except creating accounts???

To double-check, I have also setup another XP server with 3.2.2. When routing traffic from my CM to this host, I see exactly the same scenario: creating accounts doesnt work, but logging in to existing ones work fine.

This must be a configuration problem, right??

Thanks in advance for any help on this


After installing CM 3.2.3, the problem went away. Still don’‘t know exactly what the problem was, and the changelog doesn’'t give any hints. Anyway, it works now.


Hey Peter,

I’'m glad to hear that it is now working. I lost of sight this thread and never saw this problem before so hard to know what was going on. Let me know if you run into other problems when using CMs.


– Gato