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Community Group Chat Time

I believe the time is wrong on your server. It is saying that community group chat starts in 32 minutes. This would be a full hour earlier than normal.

We’re working on this. The chat starts in an hour and 20 min (10am Pacific). It appears to be confused by daylight savings time shifts. We have a web developer working on the script right now.

I figured you would be aware but I thought a post might help those looking to join the chat. Did you check the clock on the server as most scripts reference system time.

Looks like we had something hard coded in the script that wasn’t using daylight savings time logic. We’ve hard coded a fix for now and filed a bug to do a real fix for the script.

Should be OK for now.

Now you just need to upload it. You have people waiting in the group chat already.

If people refresh, they should see the new times. I’ll hop in the chat for now.

So maybe this is a stupid question but… I’ve seen a transcript of a couple of chats and they seem to be a public<->jive developer open discussion session but I’m not seeing any mention of these chats anywhere. What is the purpose, who are they open to, what time, how do you access them?

They are every wednesday at 10AM pacific time. They are open to anyone. You can access it via the web chat on the ignite page or via a client at conference.igniterealtime.org and the room is Open Chat.

And more information is available at http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp

You are welcome to attend!

Stupid question 2. What ignite page?

On the day of the chat - a few hours before it starts, every ignite page displays information about the chat in the header.

Hi Dawn,

65 minutes before the chat the http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp page displays “2 hours”, 55 minutes before the chat it displays 55 minutes. So this could be tuned a little bit.


Hi Dawn,

as I’m logged in the forum I wonder if it is possible to do some integration and use the user name instead of “GuestNN” when a logged in users clicks on http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp


Hey LG,

We are working on a newer version of the Groupchat, in Flex, it also integrates with Clearspace so this will be available eventually.



Ok, thanks. I would have never looked under support.