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Community Planning group is open?

Don’t want to sound rude, but i thought this group was members only and someone has to approve new members. As i got a friend approval request form a fresh new user who seem to be deleted now and who was in the Community Planning group i want to ask who are the latest joined mambers of this group, who has approved them and what are their plans on “planning”? Or maybe we should open this group after all?

Hey wroot,

I am not sure who approved recent members, yes, it should be members only, but open for others to see.


http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/create-group!input.jspa -->

**Open **membership is open and non-members can view content and participate.
Members Only membership is open and non-members can view content, but must join to participate.
**Private **membership is by approval/invitation only and only members can view content and participate.
**Secret **membership is by invitation only, only members may participate, and the group is not listed in the group directory.

This group is “Members Only”, so everyone can join without approval. For me this is fine but it may be wise to create a secret “Secret Community Planning” group and a secret “Secret Contributors” group to discuss spam or security issues and similar things.

Either that (create new, secret group), or modify the settings of this group. I’ve got a slight preference for the latter. I’m already having trouble keeping track of which message should go into what group - if we can avoid having additional groups, I’d be in favor of that. Either way is fine by me though.

Personally i’m for the latter too. We already have Community Planning group. Why cant it be Secret like it was? We can inform community about important decisions via Jive Lounge, Announcements, Documents and Blog posts.

I agree with the latter, it was a secret group anyway. Does anyone know why it changed in the first place?

We are developing open source software, lets do it in an open manner.

The issue is that joining the group shouldn’t be allowed. I wonder how to disable that.


Maybe SBS 4.5 has more group types? Private and Secret looks as almost the same. If not, then we have to choose whether we keep it secret and inform users in some other way, or leave it open for everyone (spammers and people asking their support questions too). I don’t want to have two groups and to think where should i post better, either.