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Hello guys,

I work in a company with many offices in the country. We would like to implement the Wildfire as an intranet messaging system. I did a lot of test, but I have one that I failed, which is very important for us.

The idea is the next: our company would like to implement on every office in our company (different geographical locations) a server with Wildfire. Then we would like to connect all of them between each other. If a connection with one server will fail the internal staff to be able to talk.

Also, regarding this problem I would like to know if it is possible to see all the groups from every server like them are there.

Example: on the first server I have 3 groups: All: which include all users, one group ProjectXX, and one Group Accountancy. On the second there are 5 Groups: All (like on the first server), ProjectYY, ProjectZZ, ProjectQQ, ProjectPP. After, the servers will be connected between them, is it a possibility to merge the All groups, and also to display the groups from every server, with their contacts?

Thanks and hope for a soon answer

Cheers, Humer


does all your locations use different domain / email / xmpp addresses? I assume that your company has one domain and you’'d like to use it also as the xmpp.domain, this would mean to use one Wildfire server.

Wildfire is usually used as a public server, so I did never check the group settings in detail, maybe “Show group in group members’’ rosters” works fine also for remote users which one may add to the group. But it does not look like a nice solution as every server or users must auto-accept subscriptions.



I don’'t think you can. I remember somewhere this being raised in the Spark forum as it would be good to have a primary and failover domain automatically so the users dont have to do it manually (working on the premise that users are stupid) i.e. you could setup / etc.

As I think it was mentioned that this was a tricky thing to do for the servers?



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