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Compile source in Netbeans

I guess the subject says it all. How do one setup Openfire under Netbeans 5.5/6.0?

I have tested New Project -> Java Project with Existing Ant Script, but it complaining about alot of missing packages.

Well, I did edit some source files (to adapt for using Firebird DB), but compiled through the command line.

Did you try to find/add the missing packages to the projects library?

Well, I have tried to add all packages under build->lib. Many errors went away, but there is plenty left… =(

Now i’'m modifying the code in Netbeans and compile it in a console using Ant, but it´s like coding blindfolded.

Would be nice if anyone can make a step-by-step tutorial and post it on the wiki, since Netbeans is gaining ground.(atleast i think so =)

I agree that it would be nice to be able to fully use Netbeans (it’'s what I use exclusively for Java).

On one thread somewhere I have found that the sources include some packages from Apache for example, that would conflict namewise (because they are kept in sub directories and then for java the name doesn’‘t match). Maybe that’'s what is happening to you. Check out the missing package names, and if the corresponding ones are in wrong directories in the Openfire source structure.

Thanks, i’'ll look into it.

The problems are allover the place, not just the apachepackages.