Compile spark svn source code

Can somebody give an instructions to build spark.exe from svn source code?

Regards and thanks for your time to answer this


which steps do cause trouble for you? So I can just copy and paste the answers of the questions below this thread, if you don’'t like to use the search function.


lOOK, I search in the forum for an answer but I don’'t have succes. So, please give me the steps to compile it. I appreciate this very much. Regards and thanks


Were you able to to get the source?

Did you install ant?

How often do you use ant per day?

Did you license and install install4j?


Actually I compile the source but I have error when run the win32 application previously installed

i have solve the problem . please look the how to compile spark source code in this community.

I believe that some developers will solve the problem in the new version of spark. I will hope to that spark 2 is released. Greetings

Some basic instructions for compiling on win32 are here.

Nnd some (even more) basic notes on customising spark, such as locking the server field are located here.

Please remember to click “answer is correct” (or whatever it is) if you find either of these useful

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