Compiling Openfire 3.10.3 source - Docs seriously outdate/incorrect

Building on CentOS 6 x64, and obtained the source from SVN

Going by this page:

Openfire: Building the Source

It states go in the /build subdirectory and find “ant” then do a “chmod u+x ant”

There is no “ant” ANYWHERE in any of the sub directories, except for two different directories with that name.

Updates on the build process, please?


Lol, yes. There haven’t been any serious updates since 2005/2006, except minor stuff like renaming Wildifre to Openfire.

I guess most people just don’t care because only few people build Openfire themselves.

I’ve started an initiative to migrate the build process to Maven. When it ever happens, this really needs to be updated.

Are there any docs anywhere on properly building it?


Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but that’s how i build it (in Eclipse) Working with Spark/Openfire source in Eclipse (GitHub)

I am attempting to build it from command line.

Most application are usually with make and would be done in a few minutes, but I guess I can take a look at that.

Since this is on a racked server, I would have to fire up an x-windows server and do a remote usage of Eclipse if need be.

Thanks for the responses.

You don’t need eclipse to build it, you need Apache Ant installed, then do:

cd build


Then there’s openfire in the target folder.

Thanks for that. That is the the docs were confusing.

I am not familiar with ant , and was expecting an executable/script in the build directory.

That did work, but with more problems with finding some ant classes/libraries.

I decided I just don’t have the time right now to keep messing with the issues from building this. I went with the rpm install instead, for now.

But that also has issue…, but that is for another thread

Thanks again for the input.