Complete newb trying to start an openfire Transport Jabber server

I’m trying to start a jabber transport server to have a reliable server that i can use.

What I have now is this

Windows XP

Openfire 3.5.0

Direct connection to the internet.

I’ve installed the gateway plugin

I can log into the Jabber server via port 5222

I can find the server when i do service discovery in PSI, but all the services are X’ed out. Am I missing anything?

Also, if I can provide any other information that would be useful in diagnosing this problem, please tell me. I’m stuck.

Sorry, i don`t get it. Do you want to use a transport but you do not “see” it?


why don’t i do this, here’s my server address

I can log into the jabber server on port 5222, but i cannot use the transports.

EDIT: I think I’ve figured it out. Thanks anyway.

Are the transports set to active (admin console)? Note: You can only use an transport if you have an account on that specific service e.g. ICQ.

Maybe you should try it with Spark as IM-Client. I noticed some strange behaviour with pandion/psi and transports.

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Actually I take taht back, it’s not completely figured out yet.

I’m interested in running my own transport server because I want to use Google Talk to link all my accounts together, so, instead of relying on public servers, I decided to try running one for myself.

I can now use the transports when logged into my own server, but not when i try to connect via a Gtalk email (via psi)

the status is now:

I can log into the jabber server through port 5222, I can create a new account, and when I am in that account I can use the transport servers.

When I try to go through my Google Talk account, all the services show up with X’s (in Psi @ Service Discovery)

I think I’m missing a setting to allow anyone to use the server, but I don’t know where it is.

Take a look at Server > Server settings > Server to Server - here everything should be set to “active” - so external Server can connect to your Server.

At https://YOUR-ADMIN-CONSOLE/server-session-summary.jsp you can see if external server are connected to your server.

Maybe you also like to refer to