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Complete novice installing on OSX

Im a complete novice installing on OSX and running into probs left right and centre at the very start of the install which I know are due to my inadequacies! Simply using the “mv wildfire /usr/bin” command is leaving me stumped with a permission denied response (Yup this is how backwards I am…) anyone stoop low enough to help me?

/usr/bin is only writable by root. You don’'t have to put Wildfire there, you can actually run it from anywhere – just drop the wildfire folder in /Applications.

Or you can put it into /usr/bin with this command:

sudo mv wildfire /usr/bin

You’'ll be asked to enter a password, which is your user password.

FYI, it’‘s usually said that you shouldn’‘t[/i] install stuff to /usr/bin, since that’‘s considered a ‘‘system’’ folder. /usr/local/bin would be better. I don’‘t remember if OSX has a /usr/local folder by default. But like I said, Wildfire doesn’'t care where you put it.

Hope this helps!

Mac OS X is likely to remove everything it doesn’'t know about in /usr/bin on each and every system update, so this is a very bad idea indeed.

/usr/local does exist in Mac OS X, just /usr/local/bin doesn’‘t (you don’'t need that one anyways).