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Completely Disable (adding of contacts)

We are deploying this Server for a Call Center Enviroment.

All the contacts are put into Groups of products they support.

Any given user can be in morn then one group.

This is a new deployment, and we have a few users not understanding everyone is already on there list.

So there adding people to the contacts list.

heres the problem. I set the subscription to auto deny the add.

So when they send the request. although the person is already there. Because it denies the add. it basicly blocks that person.

How can I totaly remove the feature to allow them to add someone.

Our list are control automaticly and mod. by management.

Hey andrew,

Which client are you using and what do you mean by “it basicly blocks that person.”? I don’t think clients will let you remove the option to add new contacts.


– Gato

Were running Both Pandion and Spark.

Soon will be falling back on just Pandion unless I locate a better client.

I want as least amount of features.

Ill go into detail here a little more,

Being a Large Technical Support call center, were broken into groups. Times come that you need help solving an issue yourself.

We deployed Jive to help with this. Fast and easy communication to that Team.

So Being the Jive Administration, Iv choosen to Use the Shared Group Feature.

There is a Default group that is basicly Our (General) support tem. All users automaticly go into that group.

Heres the Issue. Wildfire was here before I was given the right to take care of the Jive, it was extremely out of date.

The feature to Search, Add Contacts, File transfer. All wouldnt work.

So I have updated. But I changed alot of the settings and Overall way were going to use the system.

There not yet use to the fact that everyone is already there so…

Were running all the information in a mySQL database.

I mirror it every night right now. and take it home for Twinks and clean up.

Ran into a issue. Members were adding each other. (but I have the feature: Subscription Service Properties - Auto Reject)

So when someone adds another Member. The request is sent… Server trashes it. So in the Database. Those two members are now Blocked from seeing each other.

At this moment, my only fix is to Run my clean up script to empty a Few Database tables.

Which arent currently used.


we will be adding External contacts to another Jive Server. in which I will indeed need to use the Roster tables.

Im trying to find a Way to disallow the End user to add members. OR at least a system smart enough to state

Hey, this person already resides on your contact list.

Hey andrew,

I think that the subscription plugin is actually altering the roster so that is not what you want. Instead you might want to take a look at the packet filter plugin that will reject packets without altering the roster. In any case, you can also implement your own plugin that could provide a smart PacketInterceptor to the just the work that you need.


– Gato

Could you help me locate the Packet Filter your reviewing to. It sounds like it may also help me out with a few more features Id like to add.

Such as blocking a Message that is only a HTTP link