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Component development

Hello, I was wondering if there is a component developers guide or any examples for developing/integrating external components?



Openfire Plugin Developer Guide

I’‘ve read through that, and understand how to make a plugin, but I’'m looking to create an external component

that directs information to an XMPP server.

– Nate

To try to clearify, I am looking to build and integrate an external component. I have noticed the External Componenets tab on the Administrators Console, which states that external components can connect to a certain port of the XMPP server. I am looking for development information on how to take advantage of these external components.



You might be interested in the pytransports, like pyaim or pyicq. They can show you how to do that.

Additionally, there’'s a patch to iksemel on its mailing list that enables you to write components using that library.