Component in a Plugin: Message Routing Issues


I am coding a component as a plugin.

Let’s say the component is then called c and should be reachable as

When sending a message in Openfire via getMessageRouter.route () it works fine. Also, the RoutingTable says it knows a route to c.

However, when sending a message with a Jabber client connected to to it fails and Openfire seems to try to lookup

So my question is, do I need a DNS record? I hoped Openfire would properly route without, since changing DNS currently is not feasible for me.

thank you,


Hm, as an alternative I could use PacketInterceptor I think. That way I could go without components and with using messages and not IQ. But that is a bit overkill

So my question is, do I need a DNS record?
No, you don’t.

I don’t know where the problem is, but the Helga-Bot does accept just by implementing that Component interface.

I suggest you take a look in to Helga’s source code to find out what different:

ok, thanks.

I’ll look into it in some hours and report back.

Great, I’ve changed my class by adapting and now the packets appear. I can’t see a difference except the atomic stuff and that annoys me a bit sigh.

Anyway, thank you