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Computer Name Variable in Chat Session?

So, as I stated earlier in another thread, I’m getting a good feel for Openfire and Spark.

Is there a way to bring in the users’ location (computer name) into the conversation easily? Like, a plugin button that will immediately either allow a moderator of a chat look up the users’ location, or a button that will look up and paste in the chat window the %COMPUTERNAME% environment variable.


one could write a plugin.

Not sure whether using an xmpp:-Link is an alternative for you:If you have a local web server you could use a script to get the client IP and create a HTML page with a link like "xmpp:romeo@montague.net?message;subject=Test%20Message;body=Here%27s%20a%20test%20message" as described on http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0147.html