Concurrent messaging

When I log in using the same account from two different machines, and another user sends a message to my account (my account name displays as a single instance, as it should), it is only received by one of the clients. I recall a configuration in which concurrent logins with the same account act as “mirrors” of one another, so that both receive any messages directed to that account.

The impetus for this is that I want to run a chat client (Chatopus) on a WiFi Palm TX, so that any messages directed to my account go to both my Palm and desktop machine.

Thanks for any advice.

Jason Wren

Denver, CO

As I understand it, the messages go to the resource with the highest priority. Now, if both resources are set to the same priority, it might deliver the messages to both, but I don’'t know that for certain.

Hi mysticone. Thanks for answering (especially so quickly). I tried, to no avail; however, I have read that certain jabber servers (maybe WIldfire is not included) can support concurrent messaging. Basically, with two clients logged in with the same username, the username only shows up once (which is desired), but if a colleague sends me a message, only the highest priority client receives the message (in this case, Chatopus, the Palm client, is configured as such). I’'m trying to find a way for both clients to receive it concurrently. Thanks!

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Has a solution been found to this issue? Just curious.

No, not yet. Thanks.


it may help to include the destination resource in the packet you want to send (to=“foo@bar/home”), so if you want to send it to all resources you would need to send it more than once.


I just wanted to add that concurrent messaging is of interest to me as well.

Cheers, RioGD