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Conference.igniterealtime.org does not resolve

conference.igniterealtime.org does not resolve, so I had to use webchat for the group chat today.

Searching for conference.igniterealtime.org A record at i.root-servers.net : Got referral to TLD5.ULTRADNS.INFO. (zone: org.) Searching for conference.igniterealtime.org A record at TLD5.ULTRADNS.INFO. : Got referral to ns2.contegix.com. (zone: igniterealtime.org.) Searching for conference.igniterealtime.org A record at ns2.contegix.com. : Reports that no A records exist. Response: No A records exist for conference.igniterealtime.org, and conference.igniterealtime.org does not exist. Details: ns2.contegix.com. (an authoritative nameserver for igniterealtime.org.) says that there are no A records for conference.igniterealtime.org, and that the hostname conference.igniterealtime.org does not exist. The E-mail address in charge of the igniterealtime.org. zone is: hostmaster@igniterealtime.org.

Still no response. Lookups from DNSstuff.com still fail.

i’m not familiar with all DNS stuff, but i’m connecting to chat with a client (Psi) which is configured to connect to igniterealtime.org and then i do service discovery and find conference.igniterealtime.org along with other services.

Hey guys,

It was fixed. I disabled the server to server accidently during some testing. All is good again.



Since I can not directly resolve conference.igniterealtime.org via DNS, how do I use spark to connect to the conference? I would rather not use server to server for security reasons.

Hm, if you have an account at igniterealtime.org and login with that i think conference service should appear automaticly in Conferences tab.

and how does one get an account with jive to chat?

You can create account freely with any jabber client (server: igniterealtime.org). I have registered wroot@igniterealtime.org not so long ago and i had no problems with that.

Thanks for the help. I now have an account on the jive server and can see the conferences. I’d rate you if I could.