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Conference not working

I setup Wildfire and Spark and had everything working as far as chatting and setting up conference/group chat. Well we went ahead and setup LDAP and everything works but conference/Group chat. When I set up a room it cannot be seen by anyone and also if I try to create a room from spark I get “Service could not be found”. Did I miss something when setting up LDAP?


star’'s are hidden info.


as you are using Spark try to press F8 to use the jabber browser. You should find “Public Chatrooms” there.

If you did disable the Filetransfer / Sock5 Proxy than you’'ll find an exception in your error log - the proxy must be enabled for 2.6.2 that conference does work.


Thanks for the F8 info didn’‘t know you could do that but still cant see “Public Chatrooms” even with Filetransfer / Sock5 Proxy enabled we see everything else. Now here is the weird thing before we setup the LDAP we had everything working even with the Filetransfer / Sock5 Proxy disabled. I’‘ll admit this is a learn as we go and this is the only thing we are stuck on it’'s not a big deal but would be a nice feature to have working.

found the problem and we needed to have

in place and it now works even with Filetransfer disabled.

I have the same problem, I added the group information that you suggest but I still can’'t create a conference. Any help would be appreciated.

what version of Wildfire are you using?



is file transfer off or on? if it is off, turn it on, restart wildfire and see if conference rooms work for you,


Yes file transfer is on, I added the Group setting but I had to change the GroupProvider to the actual group name within users and groups before I couldn’'t see users in the group.


WHy did you add the group settings, were your groups not there?

No the groups were their, I was going on what was advertised in post 3 of this thread. Should I remove it?


are you using a normal host name or the IP address? If you did not create a DNS entry for conference.yourjabberserver.com then Spark uses yourjabberserver.com for the conference server. You should see this in the server’'s log - is something written to them when you create a room and try to join?


I think I figured it out, I had a space in the Group chat service name. I renamed without the space and the service came up. Thanks for your help.

Hi Tony,

thanks for this problem description. This problem will be solved with one of the next releases so one can still change the conference name but no longer to something “illegal”, you can track the progress here: JM-705.