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Conference room issues (2.6.0)

Some users since being updated to 2.6.0 cannot display the available conference rooms. The “Browse conference rooms” dialog says “Browse conference rooms - null” and displays the following list of rooms but none of ours.

Client Control Manager

User Search

Socks 5 Bytestreams Proxy

Publish-Subscribe service


Spark Updater

Public Chatrooms

Broadcast service

All of these state “n/a” for “occupants”

wow, that is strange. rooms that are shown to you are services provided by your server so you can’t even join them.

seems to me that you are using openfire as xmpp server, rigth? which version are you using and did you chang the language of the web interface?

openfire-3.7.0,1, xmpp, and the language of the webserver is whatever was default on the initial install.

open your openfire admin panel and browse to:

Group Chat -> Group Chat Settings -> Service Summary

if you can see “No group chat services configured.” that might be your problem.

click on “Create New Service” to add a conference service.

that should solve your problem.

It shows a subdomain named “conference” and lists the number of chat rooms under it.

try to remove it and add a new conference service. no other idea how to reproduce your problem atm.

I found that some users conferences list was blank. Having them hit the “+” button added the service and they are now able to see the rooms and not the “null” list. This is different than the 2.5.8 conferences options that we can see.

I experienced the same thing,

is there any solution if you have something like this,