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Conference room list server name wrong after update to 3.8.1


I have been searching for a while but so far have been unsuccessful at finding a solution. Likely because of ambigious names in my searches like ‘group chat’ or ‘server name’.

I upgraded to 3.8.1 from 3.7.1 and ever since, my ‘server’ is incorrect when I try to list the rooms. Where is this modified?

It’s giving users ‘conference.blah.domain.com’ and before the upgrade it was ‘conference.domain.com’. I can manually change it in the client (and it works), but I need to correct this for all users.

Where on earth is it getting the .blah subdomain? That isn’t assigned to the host in dns(forward or reverse). If anyone could help me determine how it generates the fqdn in the group chat ‘conference’ server I would appreciate it. When I check openfire -> group chat -> room administration, it says ‘conference.domain.com’ correctly, but when users try to room list, it’s ‘conference.blah.domain.com’.



SO, when I try with the sparkIM client, that has 2 conference servers listed.

conference.domain.com (this one gives a room list)

conference.blah.domain.com (this one does NOT give a room list).

On the admin console, there is only one, and it’s called ‘conference’.

Where is it getting this ‘blah’? I even went so far as to ‘grep -r blah *’ in the openfire directory without luck. Any ideas on where a phantom conference server setting would hide?

Yup, even in the mysql backend, only one. Why is it pushing 2 conference servers then to spark and the WRONG conference server to pidgin?

mysql> select * from ofMucService;


| serviceID | subdomain | description | isHidden |


| 2 | conference | NULL | 0 |


1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Is this a bug? What the?

Oh kay, so apparently it was the Server -> Gateways -> irc gateway being enabled. I have no idea how, but disabling it gets rid of the second conference server that had the wrong name and was making itself primary.


Another chatroom issue when upgrading to 3.8.1 is that the chatroom service disappears as a service if there is bad data in the ofMucMember table. What we saw was that we had a row with a jid of ‘’ and that prevented the admin console from finding any of the chatrooms. Manually deleting this row and restarting openfire resolved the problem.