Conference Room Nickname With Pandion 2.5

This is more of a Pandion question. I am using Pandion 2.5 and Openfire 3.5.1

*Is it possible to not allow the users to change there name in a conference room and to have the full name displayed there like they are in the client roster that is pulled directly from the server? Here is what happens. The user logs on for the first time, Edits their profile and joins or creates a conference room. The <conferencenick> variable is written to at that point in time and it is never written to again. So from there on out it matters not to what the user does with the profile they are always known in the conference room to the name or nickname that they initially setup. *

If no one knows how to do this then does anyone know where the <conferencenick> variable is written out in Pandion?

Thank you in advance,


Doesn’t anyone have any insight on how to pull the same name that goes to your main buddy list window to the conference room?