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Conference Rooms Not Displaying

Hello, I’'m using the latest version of Spark and am having some problems with the Conference Room functionality.

I can click on the Conferences button, this then displays the two services available to me



If I click on either of them the I get the screen where the list of rooms should be displayed but nothing ever appears in the list. If I click the refresh button, the program doesn’'t hang like in an earlier thread, but no rooms are ever displayed.

I checked the incoming packets and sure enough I’'m receiving the rooms from the server, they are just never displayed.

Anybody have any ideas as to what could be causing the problem.

I’'m using Windows XP SP2


Hi Jon,

I cannot reproduce your problem with conference.jabber.org. Could you try adding conference.jivesoftware.com and see if any rooms show up?


Hello Derek, thanks for getting back to me.

I’'ve actually had each release of Spark thats been out there. I forget which ones allowed me to actually see the conference rooms but they have definately been there at some point.

I still have the old exes and I’'ve gone through each one to see if the fault is reproduced and its the same for each version.

I’‘m at work now but when I get home I’'ll add conference.jivesoftware.com and see if I can get any windows to display.

I had a similar problem in a client I’'m writing and it turned out to be due to the timeout on packets not being long enough.


If you are running with a slow connection, you can always increase the timeout time in the preferences.


hmmm, well I’'m on a 10MB connection here at home so the time out shoudlnt be a problem, though I have noticed some network lag recently which is either my ISP or housesmates downloading causing the problem.

I’'ll have a go at playing with the timeout times

Its not the size of the pipe that matters but the speed of the flow.


idd and latency has gone up recently, ironically after my ISP upgraded our service! so much so that I cant play games online anymore. However I digress, using Pandion, Gaim, and my own client I am able to get hold of and display a list of rooms hosted by a service, only Spark does the problem lie with.

I tried to add conference.jivesoftware.com to the list but it couldnt be found.

Thanks Jon for the report. Could you see if there are any error reports in the logs directory of your Spark install?