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Conference rooms

Ok another question. Why are my conference rooms not showing up. I look in the discovery area and it shows pubsub, broadcast, updater, msn, and dir, but my conference service is not there! This is a problem. Second time I have rolled out this wserver and everything estarts to break! what is the deal…


Hi Jeff,

I wonder if you hit the proxy-must-be-enabled bug or it does not start up fine.


well that is a great thing to know. proxy not enabled bug??? not start up fine???

What version do I need to use that is A. Stable, and B. that everything works on.

Should I roll back to 2.5.2 or something…

Please move along nothing to see here!

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Hi Jeff,

first make sure that you hit the bug be enabling the proxy and restart Wifi. If it is the case then the nightly builds should fix it. I have no idea when the problem was introduced.


I have also found something interesting. depending where i start the wildfire script is dependant on weather everything will work smoothly or freak out. I started the wildfire service from my msn_transport dir and it was looking THERE for a lib/ directory… what is the deal with that?? looking in the script I see a pwd statement. why are this values not static?


I enabled the proxy and yes it is now working… WHY ? it didn’'t do this on 2.5.2 or .5.0…

Alright, looks to be running agin, without proxy. I d/l and wrote over the wildfire dir. a couple of things. first user login gave a error duplicate name… error from postgresql. looks like something didn’'t hold my settings from the other even thoguh I copied the necessary folders over. Second. there is a link called plugins at the top along the same area as server user/groups sessions etc… when clicked it gives the error :




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maybe someone forgot to add the path to the proper dir???


It sounds like you’‘re using Wildfire 3.0 pre-alpha now? The code is fairly stable, although it hasn’‘t undergone any extensive testing. You’'ll definitely see problems like the Plugins link being in the wrong place – the code will be in very heavy development for the next several weeks.

I’‘m a bit confused as to the behavior you were seeing before. What proxy are you enabling/disabling? Are you referring to the file transfer proxy? Also, which specific Wildfire release were you seeing problems with? If there are bugs in the 2.6.x series, we’'d definitely like to get them fixed even before Wildfire 3.0 comes out.



Hi Matt,

I discussed the file transfer proxy anomaly with Gato a while ago, but as the Spark log is stored locally I don’‘t have it here[/i]. Hopefully he has it, he’'ll look at this thread soon


2006.05.25 06:40:35 Missing resource for key: tab.tab-plugins.descr in locale en

2006.05.25 06:40:38 Missing resource for key: tab.tab-plugins.descr in locale en

2006.05.25 06:40:40 Missing resource for key: tab.tab-plugins.descr in locale en

2006.05.25 06:41:29 Missing resource for key: tab.tab-plugins.descr in locale en

2006.05.25 06:42:13 Missing resource for key: tab.tab-plugins.descr in locale en

is the error I am seeing in the logs this morning, which isn’'t such a large deal, but is there anyway to ‘‘turn it off’’? yes at present I have pushed the alpha 3.0.0 2006_5_24 nightly release out. I had to, been under a ton of pressure since the last attempt failed. The error above is obviously from the lack of a link on the plugins link on the top “bar” in the admin console. this should be an easy fix, and I understand that it will probably be stable enough for this production run. I have other errors this morning as well but those are for another thread. You want me to start posting these to the DEV forum?

BTW, YES, the proxy for file transfer was the problem with the conference rooms. The version I was running prior to dumping in 3.0.0 was production code 2.6.2, SUSE Enterprise 9, SUN v40z, twin AMD_64 3.0 Proc, 4 gb, 80 gb sync’'d disks. I will see if I still have the logs from 2.6.2 but I was in such a hurry to get the new code running they may have been over written.


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Hi Matt,

http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=19709 is the reference and JM-674 was the fix which did not make it in 2.6.3.

Will we see a 2.6.3 version so one can disable the proxy?