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Conference Service Issues

I am having a problem with the conference service. I am an admin on the server. In addition, I have set up my id to be a conference admin. I have the service set up to allow anyone to create conference rooms. When I am in the Openfire Admin Console, whenever I create a conference room, I get the following error:

Error creating the room. A room with the request ID already exists.

When I go back out to the conference room list, it displays the conference, but there is no owner. If I add an owner, then the conference works.

The same kind of thing happens when using the Spark client. I can create a conference room but not join it. If I go into the admin console and add an owner, I can then use it.

Any ideas as to what the problem is here?

Can’t confirm this. Works fine with Openfire 3.4.4.

Unfortunately, we have this problem with every Openfire server version we have tried, including 3.4.4.

When you hit “Create New Room”, can you describe precisely what do you see, what do you type in fields and what checkboxes do you check/uncheck?

you can join Live chat now and talk to developers and users about this right now

Unfortunately external xmpp communications are blocked by our Information Security. ;(

I am not changing any of the defaults. I am simply typing in a room id, a room name, and a description. I hit the Save Changes button, and the page refreshes with Error creating the room. A room with the request ID already exists.

I’m out of ideas. Did you try some totally random names?

btw, there is a link “Now” if you look at the top of that page. There is a web chat version.

I’ve tried random names to no avail. Here’s something that may help me though… where does Openfire store the server config information. If I uninstall Openfire and then reinstall it, when I open the admin console, it will have things rememered such as if I changed the conference service name. How come that is not getting killed when I uninstall? If it’s stored in the Database, where?


And the NOW link is not working for me… the java loading symbol (the little starbust) just spins away. Again, I think our InfoSec department has it really buttoned down. Sorry to be such a pain in the patootie.

Um, after further review, the last version our people tried was .3, not .4. .4 fixed the issue. Thanks for the answer and sorry for the run-around!

You need to use just about any browser other than IE for the web conference chat. The information is indeed stored in the database but I could not tell you where.

Using Firefox…