Conference Settings

We are using Openfire/Spark in a closed environment and would like to add the ability for our users to have (and create) chats/conferences with multiple users. Is this possible? If so how would I go about configuring this setup?

Yes, this is possible. Check the Group Chat tab in the Admin Console. You can create chat rooms in there or set change settings. Also in Spark you can create or join rooms. Check Conference tab under the roster. If Openfire’s conference service is not automatically discovered there, then add it yourself. Usually it is conference.servername.

I guess I am still a bit confused. Our Openfire has a Group Chat Service called “conference,” however it does not show up in Spark. On the Conferences tab when I try to add the service (conference.imserv) it says “Unable to locate the conference service.”

When I add the service as a bookmark, it loads up in the conference tab like it should. When I try to browse the available room it says “Unable to retrieve conference information. Please try back later” Clicking on the room name presents the following error - “No response from server”

It is almost like Spark cannot talk to the server, but I know it is because IM conversations are working without a hitch. Is there another way to format the name of the service?

Don’t have any ideas right now. I think conference.server should automatically show up there. So something is wrong. Can you create a room in that service via Admin Console and check with other clients like Exodus, Pidgin if you can join that room or browse a group chat service?

I was finally able to fix this be deleting the conference.imserv service and recreating a new one. I am not sure what the hang up was, but it is now resolved. Thanks for your input wroot, as always it is much apprceiated.