Conferences and the IRC transport; Service DISCOvery gui; Client configurability by Openfire


Conferences and the IRC transport

I’ve been trying the IRC transport with Spark (which can only be there once and can only connect to one server, sadly , but that’s an Openfire story). Upon connecting, I try the “join discussion” button. It immediately, automatically chooses conference.irc.domain as the conference resource, even though there’s still a conference.domain, without the irc. (So shouldn’t it list both?) It then doesn’t list any channels - of course, since I turned off listing. If I turn on listing it’s unbearable because it just hangs up loading the list.

So while it doesn’t list any channels, it also does not offer me the button ot join a custom channel. It just errors out after a while. Can’t get channel list or something like that.

I also can not fall back to the conference.domain server, so I also can NOT join any normal conferences!

This completely works with PSI, it chooses the right conference server as default, you can switch the server and also join any conference on the world by typing in the JID of it, in a seperate window. Why isn’t there a “join custom conference” option which only expects a complete JID?

Service DISCOvery gui

My next thing is more of a suggestion. I know Spark is geared towards beginners, with it automatically putting the services in little toolbar buttons, ready to use in one-click. PSI has a service DISCO gui, also Miranda. Couldn’t Spark have one of those? Spark is, i. m. o., more beautifully designed, so I like using it more. Also it has Fastpath! So the argument to just use PSI doesn’t really hold .

Also connecting with that, how about command protocol support?

Client configurability by Openfire

This can further client ease-of-use. I know there are not many things that can be configured, but we have updating support already, so why not have Spark also look for configuration on that service? Also have the client agree to the same configuration. On that note, when can we deploy installation packages which allow reconfiguration before deployment? For example Single-Sign-On (which is awesome) and auto-login preconfigured so users in a domain just get their messenger instantly.