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Conferencing via s2s

I’'ve asked around a little and the answer to this question eludes me, but it might be something simple that I missed, so here goes.

Is conferencing supposed to only be supported across contacts within the same jabber server? Or should I not be able to invite (successfully) contacts from other jabber servers into a conference I host on mine? I’‘ve been able to successfully send invites to others and they’'ve received them accordingly, but can never successfully join. I notice the same behavior when they send invites to me as well.

Is this specific to my environment, or is this an inherent limitation in jabber server conferencing functionality where it’'s only currently c2s-aware and not s2s-capable?

Conferencing works fine in S2S mode HOWEVER you need to make sure that you have a dns CNAME entered pointing to conference.jabber.your.domain so if your server was jabber.example.org and your servers IP address was then you would have an A record point to for jabber.example.org and a CNAME record point to for conference.jabber.example.org. This allow other servers to know where to find the conferencing service.

Hope this helps some.

Yup, got it working. Took a little more troubleshooting to figure out the problem, though, as not only did I need the CNAME in place, but I also had created the chatroom I was using to test to only allow registered members. Registered members on MY Wildfire server as a restriction doesn’‘t help me much when I’‘m trying to troubleshoot why others from other jabber servers can’'t connect to me. ;p