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Config web app does not show up on MacOS

I’'ve downloaded the linux distribution for use on Mac OS 10.4.6. After successfully starting server (at least this is what i think), the web URL for the admin web page does not work.

QUAD:~ johan$ wildfire start

Starting wildfire

QUAD:~ johan$ sending output to /Users/johan/nohup.out

Enter URL in Safari:

Safari responds “Could not connect to server”

Any help is much appreciated.



did you install the tar.gz version? I have no idea how executables are found within MacOS so I wonder that “wildfire start” is running fine.

Within linux and root@/usr/local/bin/wildfire there is a known problem (JM-699).

Did you install/extract it as johan?

You may want to


./bin/wildfire start

cd logs

ls -l

and find some log files, hopefully without an error but in your case maybe with an error.


Hi Johan,

To add to what LG already mentioined, have you installed the latest version of url=http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/java2se50release1.htmlJava (J2SE 5.0 Release 1[/url] from Apple? This is the first release that makes Java 5 the default version on OSX, previously you had to change an alias for this to be the case.