Configure MUCKL to wildfire

I am trying to connect MUCKL to wildfire but not sure on the configuration part. Anyone knows how to to do it


did you already install JHB or probably JWChat with JHB?

For JHB you need a servlet engine it may be possible to use Wildfire’‘s Jetty but I did never try. JHB runs fine within Tomcat, or jwchat.jar if you like it. Then it’'s only a little step to get muckl up and running.


We will be moving HTTP Binding support onto the SVN trunk in the next few days and JHB will then no longer be neccesary using the Nightly Builds. It will be officially released as part of version 3.2.



I will try with JHB first. When will 3.2 be ready

I have install JAVAHTTPBinding but i am not sure how i can use it with jwchat and muckl and the configuration needed. I need help.

Did you install JHB in Tomcat?

Did you change jwchat/config.js to match your server?


my JabberHTTPBinding seems to be ok. I have change the config.js. But i have the error service unavilable

Hey Alex,

Is HTTP Binding in the Nightly Builds yet? If so, how do we access/configure it? If not, when will it be in the Nightly Builds?


no, in one can read

+It is not yet in the nightly builds, the code is on a branch is SVN. It should be available in the nightly builds soon.



i still cannot connect muckl to wildfire. Anyone has any clue. Or is there a easier way like using the httpbinding from wildfire.

So I may ask again where JHB is running?

As only little people may have tried Wildfire’‘s XEP-0124 implementation it’‘s hard to know whether MUCkl and JWChat will integrate smoothly. At least you don’'t need JHB any more and if this is the cause of your problem then Wildfire 3.2 will help you a lot.


My JHB is running in Tomcat


so do you get the JHB message if you access it via HTTP? (For me

Jabber HTTP Binding Servlet v0.3

This is an implementation of JEP-0124 (HTTP-Binding). Please see for details.


I manage to get this message

My muc/config.js contains:

var BACKENDTYPE = ''binding'';
var HTTPBASE = "/jwchat/JHB/";
var XMPPDOMAIN = "" // domain name of jabber service to be used
var MUCKLJID = "muckl"; // username
var MUCKLPASS = "muckl"; // password
var VERSION = "0.4.1";

Wildfire has a muckl/muckl account.