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Configure the outlook of the web chat

Hi, i tried to change the outlook of how the web chat looks,

I made changes to the index.jsp file but its not reflected when i tried to use the web chat.

Did i do it wrongly or where whould i make the changes to?

Please help…

Much Thanks.

There’‘s an article somewhere on the knowledgebase on this I think. Basically if you are deploying the webchat directly from the Wildfire server, you can’'t update the look and feel. The JSP files are pre-compiled to work with Wildfire. However if you deploy the webchat.war under some other server, you can edit the JSPs as you would for any other application.

Hello All,

I have encountered this problem as well, my fix was to rename the index.jsp file in the wildfire\plugins\webchat directory to index.sav, I then created a web page with the web chat snippets for each workgroup and named it index.htm and saved it to wildfire\plugins\webchat directory. All is working properly with my modified page. This is on a Windows box, running Wildfire Enterprise 3.2.0.


Matt S.

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