Configuring and Running OpenFire on Windows 2003 Server

Dear Friends,

I am a total newbie when it comes to open-source, servers and everything in between. I would therefore really appreciate your assistance with regard to this.

1.) I have installed OpenFire into an OpenFire directory of a website httpdocs/openfire

2.) The service seems to be running on Win 2003 Server

3.) When I click Launch Admin (working on the ded win server running windows 2003 Server) it opens in the web browser but the screen is blank…I cannot setup any further. I use to run OpenFire on my own laptop just to test it out on a local network…and it worked perfectly fine…

Help will really be appreciated



I had the same problem.

Go to IE’s tools->Internet Options

Go to the Security Tab

Select Trusted Sites and click on the Sites button

add the website (

That should take care of it.

You can also add it to your internal sites if that doesn’t work.


thanks for the reply…I managed to get to Launch Admin console to setup, but I encountered another issue…please see my other post, maybe you know what to do in this case too.

Appreciate it



Openfire 3.5.1 and Spark Client 2.5.8 running just fine on Windows Server 2003. I managed to set it all up. The following feedback:

a.) Apache and Tomcat Apache servers running;

b.) MySQL server 5

c.) IIS 6

Thanks for the reply