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Configuring Open Fire On Xampp Webserver (DigiChat)


I am new to Openfire. I have a product that need’s to connect to open fire and xampp but i am having trouble configuring the setting’s. The product i am trying to install is called: Digichat. Most of you might be familiar with this ‘chat program’. My problem is installing the drivers to mysql in openfire on a widows based system, I am running windows 7 32-bit compaq computer. Again, i am new to this, i was hoping someone could help me out, assist me one on one through a client called: teamviewer. Here are some picture’s of my problem:



I have custom drivers that need to be installed in openfire, i just do not know how to do it lol, i am what you call a ‘noob’ to this, If anyone can help me, i will appreciate it alot.

Here i attached the source of the file’s that need the xampp and openfire. Maybe you guy’s can get a better look at what i am doing, and how to conect this bit. Thank you!
egy 6.zip (16402416 Bytes)