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Configuring without a GUI browser on localhost

The installation doc only covers the case where Openfire is installed on a system where the browser can be pointed at localhost:9090 to complete the configuration. But best practice in running servers is not to have a GUI and browser on a server. I’ve installed from your .deb on an Ubuntu 8.04 server, and can connect to it fine as “http://localhost:9090” from w3m. But w3m doesn’t support Javascript, which is required for the second stage of configuration. When I try to connect to the box on http://[LAN IP]:9090 nothing happens. So evidently I can’t complete the configuration. Or is there a method that’s just been left out of the installation doc? Thanks.

You should be able to connect remotely with LAN IP. Make sure firewall is not blocking incoming traffic to 9090 port on your server.

The firewall wasn’t blocking the port in particular. But it also didn’t have a necessary OUTPUT rule to the VPN tunnel. It had a FORWARD, so the VPN in generally was working, but since this instance happened to be on the VPN box, OUTPUT permission was required too.