Confirm Migrating Steps

It is my understanding from reading throughout the forums the migration of Openfire to a new server is relatively easy.

I am planning on creating a new test server (with different FQDN) and then changing to the same(and IP) once the time of migration comes.

Am I correct in saying that - all that is needed is to copy the entire Openfire folder (without .install4j and unistall.exe) once the SAME version of Openfire is installed on the new server?

After the Openfire contents are copied, since using an embedded database, all I have to do is to shut down the old server and copy this folder, config files (/openfire/conf) and /openfire/resources/security (if using SSL certificates) to the new server?

I am a little worried about XMPP Domain Name field and Server Host Name (FQDN) field during the new install since we use LDAP. Should this be a concern when setting up a new server as a test then moving it into production?

You can read this guide Explanation: moving Openfire to a new server
XMPP Domain Name and FQDN won’t change if you copy the database and config files. And if you change new server’s name (and IP if needed) to the same name before running it. I think everything should be fine. Let us know if you run into problems.

Sweet - that’s the one I was referencing. I am gonna get started on it next week (not making any changes on a Friday afternoon…).

I will keep you posted.

Sorry reviewing this and I am a little confused.

Can I have a different server name (and IP) run all necessary installers to upgrade to the latest version THEN change the server and IP at a later date AFTER the embedded DB files are copied without a problem?

Yes, you can. All configuration is stored in the database (a few bits in /openfire/conf/openfire.xml, but you should copy it from backup too), so it doesn’t matter what server’s name or IP is during software installation.

Do you HAVE to stop the Openfire service before copying everything but Install4j and Unistall?

Yes. When you shutdown it will write to the database everything that is still in the caches in RAM (last messages, etc.) and it will release the database. Otherwise it might not let you copy files that are still in use.