ConfliceException thrown when editing details for MUC room with no owner (3.6.4)

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Create a MUC room with no owners, and make it listed

  2. Change this MUC room from being listed in the directory to not being listed.

  3. A ConflictException is thrown when being saved.

I believe there is a bug in the IQOwnerHandler class.

// Answer a conflic error if all the current owners will be removed

if (ownersSent && owners.isEmpty()) {

throw new ConflictException();


Could someone JIRA this if it’s not fixed in 3.7.0 already (and it’s a valid bug?)


Well, i wasn’t able to reproduce it with 3.7.0. Many MUC bugs were fixed since 3.6.4. I guess this one too.

Thanks for checking that out, I hadn’t had a look with 3.7.0. Good to know