Conflict Policy and Simultaneous Logins

We have a number of roaming and multi-desktop users which need to be logged into their account from multiple machines somewhat like how Skype works.

The conflict policy seems to suggest that this can be done:

***XMPP allows multiple logins to the same user account by assigning a unique “resource name” to each connection. ***If a connection requests a resource name that is already in use, the server must decide how to handle the conflict. The options on this page allow you to determine if the server always kicks off existing connections, never kicks off existing connections, or sets the number of login attempts that should be rejected before kicking off an existing connection. The last option allows users to receive an error when logging in that allows them to request a different resource name.

But there is no option to allow for simultaneous logins. Only to kick/ignore the authentication request.

Are simultaneous logins supported?



The text on that page is wrong/confusing. If you set it to never kick it should allow multiple logins (I believe).

I’d say it is a little confusing for sure…

  • If there is a resource conflict, immediately kick the other resource.
  • If there is a resource conflict, don’t allow the new resource to log in.
  • If there is a resource conflict, report an error one time but don’t kick the existing connection.
  • Specify the number of login attempts allowed before conflicting resources are kicked. You must specify a number greater than one.

The ‘’ sure doesn’t seem like the right one, I’ll give it a shot.


Humm… nope.

Now on the second login it displays “Unable to login due to account already signed in.”


in the client you need a unique resource. For instance the default resource spark uses is Spark. This can be changed, by clicking the advanced button prior to login. The server does not set the resource.

Shouldn’t the Spark client be smart enough to suggest changing the resource name? Or should the resource name always be random or using the desktops name?

Either way thank you that did the trick. I’ve set the Conflict Policy to ‘Never Kick’ and people will need to be trained on the resource conflict thing.

Changing the resource name definitely works for allowing multiple logins, but it certainly isn’t a user-friendly solution. I like the way MSN Messenger handles this situation: when it detects a duplicate login, it gives you the option to force any other logins out, or to keep all logins active. This would be a useful addition to the new Spark/Openfire versions. I have two desktops and two portables that I use with Spark. This kind of setup should be more intuitive.

hmm. Another problem with the handling of multiple logins is that messages do not seem to get delivered to all instances of a user that is logged in … a reply to my message is only sent to the PC from which I sent the original message.