Confused on how to limit Java Memory

HI all.

I am reading the threads here in the forums about how to limit the amount of memory Java uses running Wildfire. I’'m kind of new to this whole Linux thing, still trying to figure out in fact what I need to do to get the Wildfire to start automatically on a reboot!

What I need to do is limit Java not to consume all the memory (obviously)… I have 512mb to play with on the server, but the server also hosts a website, so would ideally think I need to set it to no more than 300Mb max (based on threads I’'ve read that says you should allow 1mb for each concurrent user on the server at any one time!) - i.e. Max 300 concurrent users.

If someone could explain how I do this in Linux, i.e. what files I need to create, and where, I would really appreciate it.

Many thakns


Hi Dave,

as it did happen that I found the time to write a wiki document please read it so I don’'t need to post it here again:

If you have further questions or suggestions please ask them here.


Hi Dave,

Pls look inside the wildfire/bin/extra directory. If you’'re running redhat or any flavor of it, just run in that directory. Wildfire will autorun on next boot. Otherwise, you can use wildfired file to create SysV style startup, or just place it in the rc.local file for your unix system.

To limit the memory, edit the wildfired and insert something like export JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx300M $JAVA_OPTS" at the top of the file.